4-7 April

Most Esteemed Participants,



I am İl Deniz Ezgi Bayca and I am a junior at Bestepe Schools. This year, I will be having the honor and pleasure of serving you as the Secretary-General of the second edition of BESTMUN. On behalf of the team, I welcome you to the BESTMUN 2020. Furthermore, I would like to thank to the Deputy Secretary-General Osman Ege Karagülle, Director-General Mert Diyadin, Deputy Director-General Tuncer Efe Doğan and the Academic Advisor Asmin Nupel Akıncı.

Last year, we have provided a magnificent academic experience and very enjoyable four days for the participants. This year, we are getting prepared -with the experience we got last year- to another astonishing conference on 4-7 April 2020.

Our motto is “United to Overcome” which actually reveals a lot about our team. We work together for everything. In every obstacle we have we come together to find the optimum solutions. Last year, our way of working was together as it will be this year in order to serve you the best. We have prepared 5 different committees for everybody’s interest this year.

Our first committee is the Food and Agriculture Organization which will be taking interest in the global problem of exponential loss of food resources.

The second committee will be the NATO Parliamentary Assembly which will tackle the issue of cybersecurity of NATO forces and implications of artificial intelligence.

Our third committee is the Bush Administration which the delegates will discuss upon the general agenda of the nation in order to fix the crisis situations.

Our fourth committee is the medieval Viking Parliament the Thing.

Our last committee is JCC: the Russian Civil War and the members of the cabinets will have heated discussions in order to be victorious part of the conflict.

I hope you the best in the conference and I am sure that you will be having a great experience. Lastly, I believe BESTMUN 2020 will be even better than last year and nobody should miss the chance of being a part of it.

Secretary-General of BESTMUN 2020