The conference has ended, see you next year!

Letter From Secretary General

Most Esteemed Participants

Esteemed Participants of BESTMUN 2022,

Welcome all to the second edition of the Beştepe Model United Nations conference. We are delighted to welcome you once again after two years of absence due to the worldwide pandemic. It is our honor to have you all back for discussing the UN’s agenda. 

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on our MUN community as for almost two years we were not able to either organise or attend face-to-face conferences. Diplomacy’s essence is debating on matters concerning the world and reaching a union in terms of ideas. We are going to do our best as the academic team for you to feel that essence in you. 

In today’s world, we face problems that can only be solved with cooperation and mindfulness. In this conference, we aim to make use of the positivity and hope of our generation so that we can come up with constructive solutions to destructive modern day issues. 

This year, for four days we hope to be the connection between young diplomats and their dreams of becoming future negotiators. We are extremely excited to have you at our conference and we hope you will have an infinitely pleasant experience while discovering and experiencing the beauties of diplomacy.

We look forward to seeing you on March 3!


Highest Regards, 

Sarp Sever

Secretary General of BESTMUN’2022

Letter From Director-General

Most Esteemed Participants

As the Director-General of BESTMUN 2022, I take great pride in being in this position to make a spectacular MUN conference with the help of our highly experienced academic team. I feel obliged to thank our honourable organization team. Because without teaming up, we could not possibly make this conference so wonderful.

It is my duty to ensure you a conference that you will not forget during 3-6 of March and I personally would very much like to assure you that you will have the time of your lives while having the best academic experience possible. “United to Overcome” is our motto which I want to dedicate to our lovely organization team who work day and night relentlessly to make this conference an unforgettable one for you. We all expect to see you using this motto throughout your BESTMUN adventure. We believe deep in our hearts that you will be united to overcome all obstacles you may face within your very specially designed committees.

See you on March 3!



Highest Regards,

Egemen Gürsoy

Director-General of BESTMUN’2022