Spanish Civil War

The committee of Joint Crisis Cabinet will be about the crucial topic of Spanish Civil War which occurred between the years of 1936 and 1939. The war had two main camps called the Nationalists, which includes the fascist side of the conflict; and the Democrats, which is a unified front for the left including communists, anarchists and social democrats mainly. The committee will include both of those cabinets separately with the key people for you to not only represent but become a whole and act as if you are that person in reality. Both sides will be in active conflict as the war goes on until a side becomes victorious. If you wish for your patience to be pushed, your blood to drip and use your tactics to taste the victory, then you are more than welcome to be on either one of the sides of the conflict.

This committee is suitable for highly experienced delegates

Under-Secretary General: Mete Rıza NEMLİOĞLU

Under-Secretary-General: meteorigin192@gmail.com