The United States-China Trade War

The emergence of People’s Republic of China in the last two decades presented a threat to American dominance over the global economy which was solidified with the outcome of the Cold War. Today, these two economies comprise the two greatest when it comes to nominal gross domestic product and purchase power parity, and irrevocably dominate a plentitude of sectors.

Trump’s election as President of the USA in 2016 has drastically changed the course of policy for both countries. Trump, who has underlined China as the greatest threat to the United States throughout his campaign, has caused both countries to reciprocally impose sanctions of hundreds of billions of dollars. Both economies nowadays seem strained, with American giants like Apple and Amazon losing hundreds of billions of dollars in worth, and the Chinese economy stagnating after a long period of solid economic growth.

The Joint Crisis Committee of BESTMUN ’19 will give the opportunity for delegates to give direction to the present and future course of events regarding this issue which is molding and will mold the global economy unprecedentedly, and might spearhead a new world order for decades to come.

This committee is suitable for experienced delegates.

Under Secretary-General: Mete HERGÜL

Under-Secretary-General: metehergul2002@gmail.com