Militarisation of the Arctic

United Nations Security Council is the primary responsible authority in terms of maintaining world peace and security. It is the main decision-maker body of the organization and the only board that can pass sanctions and regulate the members. With its five permanent and ten non-permanent members, the Council will be having its 13253th session on the agenda 46 (c): Militarisation of the Arctic.

Aggressive acts in the neutral zones of the world have been one of the major concerns of international community. The Council has taken several steps in order to find applicable solutions to this phenomenon however, the problem stands still; majorly due to the fact that most of permanent members are affected directly from the issue. In order to ensure peace and for no breach of security measures to occur, the Council is expected to find decent ways to ameliorate the situation in the Arctic and efficiently prevent an armament race which has been brought to the attention of the Council by the Secretary- General and several member states.

13253th regular session of the Security Council will be chaired by the ambassador of Poland to the United Nations. At this session the members will be represented by their ambassadors to the United Nations.

This committee is suitable for highly experienced delegates

Under-Secretary General: Erenay KARACAN

Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Under-Secretary-General: erenaykrcn@hotmail.com
Academic Assistant – Berra Balkan: berrabalkan@hotmail.com