United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Under Secretary General: Asmin Nupel Akıncı| Academic Assistant: Nazmi Güler
Chairboard: Başar Naci Açıkalın : naci_acikalin@outlook.com

Topic 1: Combating The Illicit Trade of Cultural Property, Ensuring Return & Restitution

Topic 2: Protection of Cultural Property in Conflict Zones

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was created as a specialized organization of the UN in 1945. It strives to encourage global cooperation in the areas of communication, culture, science, and education. UNESCO, a well-known international agency, is crucial in protecting and maintaining cultural property, which encompasses tangible and intangible assets, buildings, objects, customs, languages, and cultural expressions. The importance of UNESCO’s role in cultural property conservation is seen in its initiatives to promote a sense of responsibility and commitment among nations to preserve cultural variety and legacy for the benefit of current and future generations. UNESCO facilitates worldwide collaboration to combat illicit trafficking and looting of cultural items while also encouraging nations to recognize, record, and conserve their cultural treasures through its conventions and initiatives. In conclusion, UNESCO’s visibility and actions in cultural property protection serve as a crucial platform for intergovernmental collaboration, developing a feeling of shared history and collective responsibility, while also promoting cultural diplomacy and global peace.