The 4th Annual BESTMUN Conference Is Coming Soon

Letter From Our Secretary General

As the president of the Beştepe College Model United Nations Club and the Secretary General of the third annual edition of BESTMUN, it is my utmost honor to welcome everyone to our conference. Speaking on the behalf of the BESTMUN team as a whole, despite the many challenges we were put under, we believe we were able to present you a remarkable conference.

My name is Nazmi Güler, I am a junior student at Beştepe College. I have partaken in the previous editions of BESTMUN in different positions and what was once a distant objective became reality. I am more than honored to be the Secretary General for such a prestigious conference with an academic team with enough knowledge and confidence that could conquer a nation. Model United Nations holds a special place in my heart and it always will. Since I first began in 2019, my passion has only strengthened.

Of course, such a conference wouldn’t be possible without the aid of a hardworking organization team. I would like to thank my Director General Sude Zehra Aydın for enduring untimely tasks I gave and tantrums I had throughout the preparation period. We began the thought process of BESTMUN’23 as soon as BESTMUN’22 ended and I’m glad we all share the same passion for this conference. To my deputy, Seres İnan, you’re more than your title holds, a roommate during conferences, a friend with no bad memories and an expert in crises.

The aim of this conference is to raise delegates and to provide them with a quality experience that will ensure their acceptance to future prestigious conferences. This conference will prove that Model United Nations is not an overly optimistic play-pretend, but a channel for young diplomats to pursue their goals. Indeed, it is a great way to improve yourself and learn diplomatic courtesy. I would like to thank; everyone who held my hand through the path which led to this conference, my predecessors in MUN who made today’s conferences the way they are and finally, I would like to thank you for partaking in our conference. We stay united to overcome.

Yours Sincerely,
Nazmi Güler
Secretary General of BESTMUN’23

Letter From Our Director General

As the Director General, I am more than honoured to welcome you all to the third edition of BESTMUN’23. I have partaken in several roles in BESTMUN in the previous years. The teams and organizations we had put together have amazed everyone each year. This year is said to be the same as well.
My name is Sude Zehra Aydın. I am a high school student at Beştepe College. I have started my MUN journey back in 2019 with my dear Secretary General, Nazmi Güler, by my side. We have been mentored by the bests so that one day we would take their places and share this great pleasure with the delegates once again. Being the Director General of such a prestigious conference was once a dream that become a truth and for that, I am grateful for my astonishing secretariat and my organization team.

This year had fulfilled us with many crises followed by much success. I have confidence in the conference we had put together with the help of many hard-working organization members to provide you, delegates, with an entertaining and memorable four days. Even though the journey was a long and tough one to take, I could not have done it without my relentless and diligent Deputy Director General Mina Kara by my side. Last but not least, we hope our delegates will take joy in BESTMUN’23 as much as we took preparing the conference in these past six months.

Yours Sincerely,
Sude Zehra Aydın
Director General of BESTMUN’23