This year we will be helding the 3rd annual BESTMUN conference.

Who Are We?

We unite once again! As a group of students who started MUN as a hobby and made it into a passion of ours, it would be our utmost pleasure to have you in the third edition of Bestepe College Model United Nations Conference this year. Under the theme of United to Overcome we believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
BESTMUN is a well known conference among participants all around Turkiye with its ambitious and dedicated delegates and teams. The third edition of BESTMUN will take place between 28 September-1 October 2023 in Ankara TBB Litai Hotel.
In 2019, BESTMUN held it's first conference and ever since then it was
remembered as one of the most prestigious conferences in Ankara.
Ever since the pandemic, our team has grown stronger and stronger.
Losing motivation was no choice. Our hard efforts have paid off
and we're glad to say that our conference is now official! We're excited
now to be welcoming each and every esteemed
delegate. We stay united to overcome!

Proud is not enough of a word to describe the feelings we
have. Despite all challenges and barriers on our way,
once again we've also managed to organize a conference
not only academically advanced, but fun at the same time too.
Everyone, please welcome to BESTMUN'23.

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